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Although MOOSE KNUCKLES was only founded in 2007, since 1921 the label's manufacturers have been aiming to protect the inhabitants of Canada from the cold. With the ambition to produce robust yet luxurious sportswear, MOOSE KNUCKLES continues to develop year after year. The first two iconic styles - the Stirling Parka and the Ballistic Bomber - quickly became the benchmark of luxury and comfort in the outdoor jacket segment for many people living in colder regions. The complete range of weatherproof coats, functional jackets and knitwear is tailored with great attention to detail. From their traditional factories in Winnipeg, to seasoned furriers in Toronto, to the passionate Montreal design team, MOOSE KNUCKLES unites all the best Canadian know-how in the core and in every fiber.

MOOSE KNUCKLES for men & women we present at mientus FLAGSHIP STORE in Berlin. MOOSE KNUCKLES for men we present in Berlin at mientus SCHLÜTERSTRASSE and in Hamburg at mientus NEUER WALL.

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